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My name is Neka─ź, and I pretend to be a fluffy Sergal on the internet. One of my favourite hobbies is tinkering with electronics.

This is my little cozy place on the internet where I post about my projects. I will take you with me on my journeys and you will see all the mistakes I make because that is important and funny.

So what do you do?

Originally I took courses in electrical engineering (electronics) but my work experience is, funny enough, almost all industrial electronics. In my free time I tinker with electronics and try to make useful things while exploring the theory behind them. On this website you can see how these projects came to life, what the design decisions are and how the decisions are made, and most importantly everything that went wrong during the project. You often don’t see this, but I think it is important to show things how they are and not give an idealistic view where everything magically goes right the first time.

At the top you can find links to my projects, useful information and news about this site. You can also check out my Mastodon account!

Oh, one more thing:

This is a static website hosted by myself that gets updated once in a while when there is new content. It does not store any cookies at all, and does not collect any data besides what is logged in the standard configuration of the nginx webserver.